About Us

Since the lockdown a whole load of fabulous hairstylists have been left without a professional space to serve their clients. Lots of clients in need of “Lockdown looks ” saving.

Here at “Hair in a chair ” we offer you a beautiful, professional, peaceful and safe environment with appropriate infrastructure to serve your client instead of travelling to your client and bend over a basin or a bath tub. We have safe tandem parking available behind closed gates.
You don’t need to rent a month or even a week in advance. You can book hair in a chair at an hourly rate. Mornings , afternoons, just as you like.

In order to facilitate this appointment all you need to do is make an appointment on our online portal, complete the necessary registration forms with t’s and c’s together with Covid 19 questionnaires and

All you need is your fabulous expertise, your professional products, and your client.