Chanelle Sardinha




About Chanelle


Chanelle Sardinha (Actress, Presenter, Model & Businesswoman)

From a tender age, Chanelle loved to be on the stage- whether it was singing, dancing, acting or public speaking- the stage was her home. Having won many local and international competitions it was a natural progression for her to study acting after school. Having attended WITS for four years, Chanelle obtained her Honours degree in a BA in Dramatic Arts which led to her quickly gaining momentum in the international acting scene. Soon after, she entered Miss South Africa where she went on to become a finalist. Fast-tracking her career, she soon became the well-known face on billboards, television and radio, known as the face of Cell C. She was then offered a position in their PR, Media and Events Management division, affording Chanelle a double-career- business woman by day and celebrity by night. Chanelle continues to increase her celebrity status as she recently landed herself an acting role on Africa’s first superhero TV series, Jongo, and the first female presenter role on the hit TV show The Man Cave.